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Umami Patisserie opened its door to Lahore in October 2021. The concept behind Umami is to achieve Umami(Essence of deliciousness) in each of their product by blending sweet, salt, sour and bitter. They offer everything from donuts to tarts at very economical rates. By forging a partnership with us, we started breaking ground at a phenomenal rate.

Logo Design

Our Logo is the key building block of our identity, the primary visual element that identifies us. The signature is a combination of the symbol itself and our company name – they have a fixed relationship that should never be changed in any way. The Logo Symbol is a delightful, handcrafted capital M and U with U slightly shorter in size than M placed in inside M in a symmetrical manner. This symbol is combined with Umami Patisserie written beneath it. A logo builds the foundation for any brand is apparently first thing to be noticed creating a positive visual impact towards brand’s image. Hence a logo could make or break a brand and we at Blu are highly conscious about this.

The Result.

With our magnificent design services, we highlighted and created many eye-catching designs, both for sponsored ads and organic posts. Our strategic social media campaign was designed to develop a deep connection with the consumers in order for them to become regular customers. Our PR/Influencer marketing ensured that our brand’s voice reached its targeted audience. We set up specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & time bound goals in order to get ROI for our client.

With our targeted digital marketing efforts, we elevated Umami as a fine, one of its kind patisseries with firm position in a competitive market.

We need a new website designed and built.

We need help generating more leads and enquiries.

We need help converting more leads into sales.

We’re not sure how to grow our business.

As a top digital marketing agency, we are based in Hampshire and cater to clients worldwide, assisting them with their digital marketing and business growth strategies. Since our establishment in 2006, we have emerged as one of the most highly regarded Growth and Marketing Agencies in the Canada, prioritizing the well-being of our people. Our extensive portfolio includes website creation and successful marketing campaigns for over 700 companies, reflecting our sustained growth and stability.

What sets us apart is our fully in-house team of specialists, ensuring accountability and fostering strong client relationships. Unlike many digital agencies in Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton, we do not rely on account managers. Instead, our clients enjoy direct access to our expanding team of website design experts, marketing specialists, and project managers. This direct line of communication enables swift collaboration and seamless campaign management.

As a full-service digital agency, we excel in both web design and digital marketing projects, with dedicated specialists in each respective field. Our approach is data-driven, with time-tracking and comprehensive reporting as standard practice. Our specialists possess an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding not only how to run successful marketing campaigns but also the commercial aspects of business growth.

One of the persistent issues we have disliked about the digital marketing agency industry in London Ontario is the lack of regulation. This often leads to questionable practices by some agencies, causing concerns for clients. We aim to revolutionize this norm.

As a people-first company, we prioritize transparent collaboration with our clients. To guide us, we have established six core values and embraced our mission statement of “Always Be Dam’ Good.” These principles are ingrained in our daily work and evident in every project we undertake.

Choosing Blupixel as your digital marketing agency in London Ontario,  guarantees you reassurance and peace of mind through our “Just Ask” philosophy. We promise to provide honest advice, maintain transparent communication, and treat our partners and customers with respect, acting with integrity in all that we do. We understand that running a business can be stressful and complicated, and we strive to be your collaborative ally, working with you rather than against you.

Our client retention rate is remarkably high. We regularly analyze this data on a quarterly basis and are delighted to share a breakdown of our client happiness and retention rate upon request.

Certified Growth Marketing Specialists in Hampshire

We’re accredited and certified partners of Google, Microsoft and SEMRush, with over £2m advertising spend per year under management for our growing clients.

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